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  BGM1 mechanical seal series
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【Product parameter list】
Single seal
Independent of direction of rotation
Rubber bellows
BMG1 series is the most commonly used seal. It has an ingenious design and compact structure. The seal face is driven through "L" ring and the spring. It is suitable for waste water containing solids or for sewage water.
Combination of materials
Sealing face
Graphite, Silicon carbide, Tungsten carbide,Aluminum oxide
Secondary sealing
Acrylonitrile rubber, Fluorine rubber, Ethylene propylene rubber
Metal component
Stainless steel
Operating limits
Specification: 10~110 mm
Pressure: ≤1.6 Mpa
Temperature: -20~120℃
Linear speed: ≤10 m/s
Axial movement: ±0.5 mm